Portable Sauna for property

Portable Sauna

Experience the ultimate relaxation at affordable prices with our portable sauna systems. The compact steam saunas are perfect for ease of use and can be stored neatly away into tight spaces. You get to enjoy the luxury of portable steam sauna relaxation without the hassles of fitting and installing a larger sauna.

The portable saunas offer excellent performance, just as you would expect from a larger, full sized sauna. The biggest difference is that they are portable for your convenience.

The assembly of the sauna is easy and it is normally sized for one person and you can place it anywhere in the house, whether it be you bathroom, garden, lounge or even bedroom. The saunas size makes it versatile for use anywhere and you can even take it with you wherever you like. So whether even if you are selling your home, you compact sauna can be carried with you from home to home.


Ultimate relaxation

You get the full benefits of steam cleansing therapy to help you open the pores for relaxation. The unit reaches high temperatures rapidly and comes with an automatic timer and automatic shut down features. The use of the sauna is relatively straightforward. All you require is the instructions to get started.

If you want to experience ultimate relaxation with added convenience then the portable sauna is the product for you. Choose your sauna from our online store and order from the comfort of your own chair. The ordering process is easy and the delivery is included in the price, so take the opportunity to bring the portable sauna steam relaxation to your property.